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  The traditional role of the HR Unit is administrative and operational. Today, it has evolved to become a business partner. Some have even become business leaders.
This calls for a HR Team that has a strategic focus and managerial function. Outsourcing is the key to freeing the HR Team from tasks that are not part of this core competence. Recruitment Outsourcing helps organizations to reap these benefits in recruitment:
กกก๘ Increase efficiency & effectiveness
กกก๘ Improve service quality
กกก๘ Optimize resources
กกก๘ Control CPH(cost per hire)
กกก๘ Access other recruitment resources
กกก๘ Access proactive sourcing of candidates
กกก๘ Reduce administration burden
กกก๘ Guarantee results
กกก๘ Most importantly, organization will free its HR Team to perform strategic functions!


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