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1.  Assessment of client needs:
The assessment of client needs should be carried out thoroughly. It is one of the prerequisites for our quality search work. We try every means to communicate with all personnel involved to ensure a thorough understanding of our client¡¯s needs, culture, competitive edges, challenges, and the industrial trends.
2.  Work on job Description:
We do not just passively work according to the client-provided job descriptions but also provide our value-adding consultation with our market expertise and observations.
3. Search strategy forming:
For each assignment we tailor makes a search strategy, which serves as a guidance to locate the final successful candidate in the market. The strategy can effectively help our consultants to eventually find the most suitable candidate that best fits our client¡¯s needs. More specifically, this search strategy will give us directions of what industries, companies and individuals we should approach  We review the strategy with our clients for mutual agreement.
4. Potential candidate identification:
We make extensive research efforts to identify potentially qualified candidates and sources. This usually involves using our databases, targeted individuals at appropriate positions in appropriate companies, sourcing key industry experts, and others. The result of this step is a ¡°long list ¡°of potentially interested candidates.
5. Major conference with client on strategy review/progress:
The purpose of the conference is to make sure our search work is in the right direction by reviewing what has been done so far. We submit detailed search progress reports, and review the ¡°long list¡± with our client to make sure we can proceed to approach the appropriate targeted individuals. We also discuss any issues emerging in the search process. If necessary, we will modify the strategy.
6. Candidate contact and evaluation:
We contact the potential candidates on the agreed ¡°long list¡± and screen them for interest and qualifications .At the end of this step we will present a panel of candidates of ¡° short list ¡° for our client¡¯s consideration.
 7. Another major conference with client on strategy review / progress:
We normally hold another conference on strategy review/ progress report to discuss market feedback and any related issues about the search. We also submit detailed search progress reports and detailed evaluation report.
 8. Selection of final candidate:
This is a multiple-task step. It includes our co-ordination of initial and subsequent meetings between our client and appropriate candidates, the communication of the results of each meeting, the development of a strategy for final offer, the management of thorough reference checking, the closing of the successful candidate and the management of the transition.

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